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Table 1 The study phases

From: Increasing access to institutional deliveries using demand and supply side incentives: early results from a quasi-experimental study

Design Phase Writing of the study proposal and seeking ethical approval
Sensitization of leaders in the study area
Needs assessment of the health facilities in the study area
Survey of transport providers
Exploratory research
Preparation of the intervention material: manuals, vouchers
Baseline household survey
Training of health workers
Preparation of facilities
Pilot Intervention Phase Piloting of the intervention in one HSD
Review of pilot intervention results
Intervention Phase Distribution of vouchers to all pregnant women reporting to the facility
Field supervision, and support supervision performance
Audit of complications, maternal and neonatal deaths
Post Intervention Phase Collection of additional data required for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention: Household survey, focus group discussions, key informant (KI) interviews
Estimate the cost of the intervention
Dissemination Phase Data entry and data analysis
Report writing